There’s a great big world out there just waiting to be explored!
The goal of Pilots & Places Adventures is to give kids and their families a small taste of world attractions and cultures. Before getting down to the business of play, put on your learning hats and get ready to go on a guided lesson tour of the following regions:

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AFRICA – Ages 0-3 years

Let your toddler’s imagination run wild on an African Safari! Jump in your jeep to spot some of the most life-like creatures on the trail or have fun sliding down an elephant’s trunk. The choice is up to you!

The CARIBBEAN – Ages 3-5 years

Ahoy there, mateys! Get a taste of island life and play on our tropical fish teeter totter or pretend to be a pirate of the Caribbean in your very own play ship!


Ever wondered about the Mystery of the Maya? Wonder no more! Learn about this ancient people and culture while climbing up, down, and all over our FUNtastic Mayan Temple!

EUROPE – Ages 3+

Hop across the pond to historic Europe and take in the sight of London’s “Big Ben” clock tower or travel by tunnel to the world famous and larger-than-life Eiffel Tower in Paris!


Visit exotic Southeast Asia and enter our bounce house version of one of the world’s most recognizable attractions, the grand Taj Mahal of India.


Jump aboard the popular Ace Flyer Teeter Toder and take in the sights of North America. With a total of seven seats, you can choose to be the pilot or the passenger.

LEARNING CENTER – World of Shapes & Sizes (All Ages)

Our “World of Shapes and Sizes” center makes learning so much more fun as kids discover attractions famous for their shapes (e.g. the Egyptian Pyramids) and sizes (eg. the world’s tallest building).

AIRPLANE RIDE-ONS – Ages 0-5 years

At Pilots & Places Adventures, we want you to take charge and be your own pilot! Kids can do just that by taking turns to “fly” in one of our three, color-popping, electric ride-on planes. Parents can have just as much fun by “flying” younger kids by remote control!

Corn Hole Game (Flags of the World) – All Ages

Challenge your memory (and your friends!) to a fun game of corn hole to learn about the different flags of the world regions of South America and Oceania. It's a game the whole family can play!


After hours of play, why not take home your memories with you? With our Pilots & Places “World Traveler Passport”, you can! Besides, what’s traveling without this most important document? Kids can get their own personalized passport filled with “travel” memories of the day, earning them the right to be called “Captain” and preparing them for future flying adventures!